Decorative film for attractive windows

Solar film on windows whilst cutting down on heat, glare and harmful Ultra Violet (UV) rays could also deliver promotional messages, provide protection from accidents, prevent vandalism and also bring out attractive and decorative designs of an artistic nature.

Solar window film comes in many different gauges and a thicker film would stop vandals and burglars from gaining access through large windows by shattering them. A window with solar film would be difficult to break, compared to a window without it, which would be susceptible to just a stone throw.

Using solar film would cut solar heat filtering through from the outside by 80% and glare by 93%. This would increase efficiency of your air-conditioning system and save on energy costs. With energy costs skyrocketing we should always see the possibility of reducing costs always. Using solar film is one sure way of reducing energy costs and also protecting you and your loved ones from harmful UV rays.

Jim’s Home window tinting Perth a division of the large conglomerate Jim’s Group is the leader in this line of business. We use only the best quality solar films and our installation teams are experienced and provide high standards of workmanship.

Solar window films would protect your upholstery and other valuables from fading and warping and brings comfort within that would be welcome by those living and working inside. It has been found that a reduction in glare and heat increases productivity in employees.

Commercial premises could use the large windows that are synonymous with such premises to propagate business messages, with decorative film which would also enhance security by making it difficult to vandalize.

Even if any graffiti is written on the glass if there is window film it would be just a matter of replacing the film and not the complete glass. Jim’s Office window tinting Perth could advice you on some very innovative designs to add to your business requirements.

Your car is one place where, when away from your home or office you would need to be comfortable. During the height of summer your car could be a very uncomfortable place and driving in it could be a nightmare. Jim’s Car window tinting Perth with our wide choice of solar window film can provide you comfort and also save on your fuel.


Resurfacing to bring the old glory back

Jim’s Paving with more than fifteen years of dedicated, committed and courteous service to the Australian community has carried forward the vision of our founder Jim Penman, who has brought home services to every household at speed and competitive pricing.

Part of our services include providing householders imaginative and innovative Landscaping ideas to transform their home gardens and the compound, into surroundings that would enhance  taste and beauty.

A Driveway resurfacing would only cost a fraction of what you would pay to completely overhaul it but would still bring out the best after we have completed work on it. Our workmanship will never be compromised and we assure you that all work carried out by us will be to the required standards of the respective councils.

From Asphalt resurfacing to using Paving blocks we will rejuvenate your driveway to look as good as new. Your driveway is the first impression of anyone entering your premises and an elegant and neat one would give you pride.

As human nature demands we prefer to obscure areas that we think are eyesores to those others, and especially within and without our homes. Faded, cracked and damaged concrete would give us the creeps when we have visitors around, but with Jim’s latest technology in Concrete resurfacing we could bring out something special which would be the nevy of those visiting you.

Permeable paving would facilitate easy draining of water and other liquids that would drip on those areas. Dripping water or other liquids could pose danger to those using these areas

With professional Permeable paving utilizing the many types of materials we have with us you could make these areas safe by easily draining what drips on it to the drainage systems in your compound.

Driveway repair is no more a nightmare, and with Jim’s expertise gained over these one and a half decades we will transform your driveway to enhance the ambience of your whole compound. We have done some great work on some difficult driveways and would be happy to show you the results we have achieved. if you let us.

We bring back life to dull concrete areas with our quick and easy Spray paving, and spray on concrete which method we have mastered and would like to offer you at very attractive prices.


Rakiyawa a lifetime of solace

Pitching your life’s tent with the most popular, reputed, reliable, transparent and dedicated online employment portal, rakiyawa would give you a lifetime of solace.

Knowing well that we have embarked you on a very long journey, that would carve out your career path and you could look at your progress with satisfaction.

We have unleashed thousands of new job vacancies from which thousands have benefitted over the years that we have been in operation.

Every one of our satisfied applicants to secure Sri Lankan jobs has a story of their own, and has gone on to take the top jobs.

They have made indelible marks on their career paths with some of them on a top job Sri Lanka.

We have nurtured them from the basic cv, trained them in new skills, taught them new languages and readied them to take up the challenges of new jobs that they have succeeded in.

All jobs in Sri Lanka that we have offered through rakiyawa have brought rich dividends to our prospective applicants with all vacancies being filled days before the deadlines set by the employers.

Selecting the prospective candidates, short listing and moving them for an interview for the top job only when they ready has been our forte.

Employers prefer to interview only the best candidates for topjobs and would prefer to refrain from meeting candidates not suited.

These vacancies for the top jobs are generally moved to us to head hunt prospective candidates and we have confidentially fulfilled our tasks.

The best jobs sometimes do come on a platter and if you are at the right place at the right time you could be the one.